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Everything is within YOU!

Anyone has the ability to take control of their lives and make it the way they dream.  Follow along and chat with Kirsten Peck, founder of Joy West Press. 

“Writing was the focus of my classroom expertise and I know how to weave personal questions into journal prompts along with higher thinking challenges.  When I ask students to express their opinions, they feel validated and their actualization begins.  I do it at school and now I am in San Juan helping people reach their personal best.

Join with me on the journey in San Juan to launch my Mejora Tu Vida Club and transform everyone who is struggling.  It’s almost too much to imagine, my new little school bus is going to be the newest classroom on wheels! 

As of November 2023, the MTV Club project and development of Comemos y Aprendemos is being written in English.  It needs to be translated and then produced as the curriculum for a unique distribution across the island.  Watch for further development and launch in Summer 2024

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