Embark on a Journey

to Your Best Self

with Kirsten Peck and Joy West Press

Hi! I'm

Kirsten Peck

I  specialize in helping people find their hidden magic and create new opportunities for a better life.

Join us for an exclusive 3-day + 2-night retreat, carefully curated to guide you
through a personalized journey with over 25 hours of life coaching. Imagine your transition from a
state of unfulfillment to a revitalized individual in as few as 48 hours!

Picture yourself exploring the enchanting streets of San Juan as you consider your hopes and dreams.  With our coaching, you will visualize a new image of what is truly important in life and make a plan to reach those goals. 

You will “Create Your Best Future” in 3 short, life-changing days.

Gain life-long happiness by using the power of creative thinking and the success formula

of critical thinking used for centuries.

Hosted in the culturally rich Santurce area of San Juan, this is not just a retreat; it is an opportunity to authentically connect
with your best self.  Asking yourself deep questions will unlock incredible dreams.

Your transformation begins with the decision to take control of your life today. 

Kirsten Peck and Joy West Press are here to guide you on the path to discover your hidden potential.  Anything is possible when you unlock your hidden aspirations and develop every opportunity for success. 

Reserve your dates on the calendar and begin your metamorphosis now!

Why Choose Our Retreat?

This isn’t just a getaway; it’s a profound encounter with a specialized teacher who will lead you through an exploration to your authentic self.

Our program, hosted at the Joy West Press headquarters in Santurce, is offering you hands-on coaching that helps you plan and build your real-life experiences.  It will be you and the expert to assist you through the steps necessary for a personal life transformation.

Crafting Your Dream Life

Begin the journey of self-discovery with our “Create Your Best Future” guidebook and the 7 Steps to Authentic Living.  Answer the journal prompts and peel back those layers to reveal your true best.

Together at the retreat, we’ll formulate a custom plan for your ultimate dream life, ensuring that your aspirations become the foundation for an incredible future.  With a pen and some paint you will manifest your deepest desires into a physical form so you hold the keys to your ultimate life in your hands.

Unveiling Your Potential

Day 1 sets the stage with a warm welcome at lunchtime, followed by an introduction to the Create Your Best Future and Authentic Living program.  While the initial focus is on journaling with the guide book, we begin the retreat with a creative exploration of a hands-on arts project.

Afterward, we explore the artistic district in Santurce for an evening of murals and entertainment enjoying the culture of the local neighborhood.(FOB not included).

The Time of Transformation

Day 2 is a full-day immersion, starting at 8:00 am and concluding at 10:00 pm. We will engage in a series of activities designed to guide you through the life changing process. 

As your future comes into focus, the goal setting and project planning get into real life motion on this exciting day.  You will have all meals, from breakfast to dinner included as well as another neighborhood investigation of historic and cultural importance.

Culmination and Celebration

Day 3 marks the last production and launch day, starting at 8 am with a working breakfast session and connections with resources to make everything click into gear.  We will develop any critical academic skills so you gain life-long tools for personal growth.

Going from ideas to implementation is the reason for the celebration party as you begin your best future and authentic lifestyle.

The challenge is on – are you willing to take it?!

This personalized retreat includes most meals and transportation to/from the Joy West Press headquarters and your San Juan hotel accommodations.  Materials are downloaded with registration so you can begin the journal prompts immediately.

Ask us any questions you have and we will respond promptly.  Payment plans are available, see details at purchase.  

With these

Key Benefits:

● Authentic Living and Personal Transformation
● Mindful Exploration of San Juan for Inspiration
Creative and Critical Thinking Process Instruction and Practice
● Inspiring and Empowering Activities to Overcome Hardships
Improved Communication and Problem Solving Skills
Artistic Projects to Express Your New Vision
● Enhanced Self-Awareness and Clarity

Tailored to Your Needs

Your journey to a fulfilled life begins here.

Whether you’re an individual seeking a personal transformation or a couple aiming for the
greatest impact, we designed our retreat for you. 

We discuss a few academic skills and brush up any weak areas for maximum opportunities. Never let anything hold you back from reaching every goal, especially if it’s just a lesson you missed one day at school years ago! 

No need for any dietary concerns – we’ve got you covered with customized catering.
Contact us for any group or transportation logistic inquiries.

The Guidebook for our Retreat

Create Your Best Future

Get access to the book when you reserve your date and make the decision to improve your life.  Only you knows the deepest desires, only you can reveal them.

Kirsten Peck, and the magic of Joy West created an easy to follow way to transform in seven steps.  The retreat is your opportunity to go through the process in 48 hours!

Still Not Sure You Need the Retreat?

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