From Difficult to Fantastic in 15 Days

 Born in the hearts of Villa Palmeras, Santurce, San Juan and for the empowerment of the island of Puerto Rico – you are invited to learn about Comemos y Apredenmos.

Founder Kirsten Peck is developing a special program for the struggling population of Puerto Rico. This is an educational solution to a 40% poverty rate after Hurricane Maria and Covid19 and plans on using a unique distribution model to reach people across the island. Transforming the mindset includes a fresh approach with the Mejora Tu Vida Club which nurtures and empowers members to greatness.

Comemos y Aprendemos is the mixture of the Smart Start Challenge, Create Your Best Future and a deep dive into the Puerto Rican culture for extra magic! 

The curriculum is designed and being written in English, translating into Spanish and adding the artwork is taking some time – look for this publication in Spring 2024!

Recent Posts for MTV Club

Recent Posts for MTV Club

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