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The Best Life series on Youtube

The Fun Things I Do Living My Best Life in San Juan, PR

Watching these videos makes me remember how long I have been working on Creating My Best Future.  The project began as my fourth book I wrote while teaching high school in Tampa, FL back in 2021.

The Authentic Living program was the catalyst for my own transformation.  I realized that I would never be happy as I continued living the life I was “supposed to,” instead of being my true self.

It was a total transformation and I remember people being surprised I was leaving my teaching career to go live on an island.  I knew it was what I had to do.

It’s been two years since this began, and I love seeing some of these early videos.  Joy West Press is an exciting business that I imagined so many years ago.   The deeply hidden dream is coming into reality before my eyes and it is so exciting!

My trip to the Snowy Mountains of Wyoming was a unique experience that I want to share with you here.  When I changed what I was looking at daily, I saw a whole new vision of what could be.  My perspective changed significantly when I returned home to warm Puerto Rico.

If you feel stuck and wish you could change your life, but don’t know how…  I’ve got a way to help you, reach out and let’s chat!

All the best to you, always!  Kirsten / Joy West