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Birthday Celebrations with Art and History

It was time for my birthday celebrations and I went to visit family in Washington, DC – I also went to see the Library of Congress, the Capitol and the National Gallery of Art.  It was a deep dive into 3 institutions I have never visited yet felt called to urgently.   This is how my birthday reflection using art and history helped me be confident to launch a retreat program in 2024. 

**** The reason this is so important to me is because I am huge history and art lover and used my birthday to reflect upon so much of my life. It was the history and art of my own life, right there in front of me.  I was not prepared for the collection within the National Gallery, nor the incredible architecture.  My early morning entry was another bonus for the galleries were empty as I walked past the masterpieces.

Inside the rotunda of the Library’s Reading room is a woman who is “lifting the veil of ignorance” – Again, another visual metaphor that hit me like a ton of bricks.  Then I see – “the foundation of every state is the education of it’s youth” upstairs, right next to the first world map which was at least 20′ wide and 8′ tall from Germany in 1507!  

Walking up the hillside to the Capitol and then around the staircase to another empty and spectacular sight was also breathtaking (I had to turn off the video).  The story about the statue at the top brought tears to my eyes as they were begin to scaffold her for cleaning.  After lunch in the cafeteria, I went into the Chambers and saw a session of the House on my birthday! Such a nerd thing to do, right?!

**** The point is the foundation of many things in our world revolve around DC. Yes, I mean in the history of the place, but also the daily functions that makes America work every day. It felt like I was touching the roots planted years ago while I sat there absorbing it all into me.  The words – Labor and Capital – were carved into several buildings, as in the money and the people… that’s what makes America great.  How America is about the people working together.

**** Participation is the only way it works, from the security guards to the docents, tourists, congressional staff, journalists, and even bartenders.  The employees across the city are a wide ethnic mix which I enjoy in the variety of restaurants because we all have to eat after all. 

The heartbeat of the city can be felt standing on the Mall when the winds blow. When you really look at the buildings you can see our national values carved into the marble. It is hard to believe those words seem so permanent, but they are so fragile.  Every day is another exercise in our democracy.  Watching the debates and the current events with my critical thinking eyes and ears is how I’m living my best life.  Already writing new curriculum to teach civics and academics in 2024 after the deep dive into my cultural history. 

**** I created my best life and can help you discover yours. The plans are underway for 2024 with retreats and new programs after my birthday vacation.  The retreat is a  how-to create your best future and publishing Go and Grow Rich with Writers Society Cora Kent.  Exciting publications are in the works, be sure to say hi here or on social media. Thanks for the best wishes and I send them to you for your birthday as well. Cheers to our best lives!