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Backyard Secrets – Teachers can change the world!

That Big Blue Full Moon was just spectacular over my backyard. After a full day of transforming ideas into plans, we were sitting outside taking in the incredible energy. The camera attempts to capture the beautiful evening, the Coqui were happy and breezes were gently blowing, the real story emerges hours later… 

It is often those dreams in the middle of the night that are the most powerful. I woke up with a jump as if the lights had been turned on. When I looked outside I couldn’t believe the spotlight was off, the bright moonlight had everything illuminated. It called me outside. For some reason, when I stood out back and looked at the moon, I realized I had transformed my friend’s life earlier that day. My idea about teachers being the keys to actualization is a fact. Every rule of logic and critical thinking applies, that’s what teachers can do – we can actualize someone!

Since I’ve moved to Puerto Rico this has been a year of transformation. Not only mine going from teacher to publisher, but from researcher and author to testing and measuring results as a living social scientist. My passion for cultures and devotion to the underdog were reasons I chose to move to San Juan. The newest version of my formula is something between the MTV Club and Comemos y Aprendemos – I’m still not sure of the best name for Puerto Rico. It was All-Star Teaching and the Smart Start Challenge in high schools, the best version is in development and working!

Backyard Secrets Teachers can change the world!

Good teachers will learn to improve on how they guide, help, teach and relate with student in the best possible way.  We have valuable resources that can help you get better at what you do. Check out My All-Star Memoir and Method for Success for all teachers, every teacher needs this.