The Smart Start Challenge creates opportunities for teens to explore things that matter to them.

Ms. Peck wanted to end the struggle for young people without positive life direction and wrote the program with this goal. Mixing personal growth and an academics refresher is an approach that stimulates and challenges students to show themselves what they are made of.

The self-actualization project mixes with social development in a powerful combination to make teens view their world, and themselves differently. The program was designed to be run at a school and squeezed into various untapped resources on campus.

We can transform teen lives working together!


Get your son or daugther a life coach with this revolutarionary, personalized program. In just 31 days, your teen will have a fresh outlook and new motivation for academic success.


Discover the unique teaching philosophy and increase your satisfaction at school. The positive psychology and standards based curriculum will have your students working quickly and easily.


Designed for MTSS/Tier 2+3 academic intervention and disguised as a fun event for students. This is perfect for SIP plans and PBIS activities – contact us for packages to implement with your staff, or engage Ms. Peck for onsite events in-person, or anywhere online.


When people work together, the impact is multiplied – this truth can transform communities. Consider sharing your resources for this unique teen event and maximize the influence of your philanthropy.

Options for Schools and Education Advocates

The curriculum is designed as a MTSS Tier 2+3 Intervention for struggling Freshmen and Sophomores in high school. The how-to instructions make it easy to implement the Tier-2 once a week, coaching sessions – either by group or individually.

Intensive daily support is possible for Tier-3 in private sessions. Ms. Peck wants to host the event with students online, or onsite in the USA, contact for options to fit every school’s need.


  • Turn-Key for Teachers – The Co-Teacher Curriculum Guide and student Handbooks are available for volume purchasing. Includes access to SSC website for digital resources and a student community.
    • Empower each location to host on their own schedule, or coordinate a district wide event
    • Integrates easily with School Improvement Plans for MTSS, ELA/SS standards based
  • Turn-Key for Students  – Hire Ms. Peck for weekly group coaching. Schools invite targeted students, the Homeroom for Success sessions are 30 minutes to an hour long and occur 5 times
    • Provide support to students immediately – create student invitation list and begin production
    • Implements MTSS with Tier 2 intervention via daily email submissions from students
  • Intensive Intervention for Students – Engage Ms. Peck for individualized, daily coaching. Schools invite students for a private 15 minute Homeroom for Success occurring 31 times.
    • Flexible to schedule now and throughout the year adding to SIP results
    • Personalized interaction with qualified English Language Arts teacher for Tier-3 intervention.