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Taking Care of Business is Critical

The big reveal for October is that I have been out and about enjoying my best life.  Authentic living has given me the most incredible feeling every day, even when I face challenges.  It was my birthday and it turned into a very long celebration and that is possible because I spent the time to Create My Best Future!

**** Crossing a milestone almost requires an assessment and refocus! When I crossed the birthday line it was another reckoning about my life and my decision to move to Puerto Rico. Sure, I have things to adjust, but the decision stands and I have refocused myself on my projects and the things I want to accomplish.

**** My teaching moment is to promote the benefits of staying on-top of your responsibilities. Taking care of your business and being a person of your word really pays off!!

**** When you make a commitment to yourself (or anyone else) honoring that can be difficult, but your overall life depends upon it. Even little things like a current driver license, or a feud with a neighbor can multiply into a serious problem if they are ignored. You can consider these tasks to be energy for the tough days ahead when you can face any challenge with supreme strength. You can create a smooth sail through life if you get ahead of those potential struggles like mechanical breakdowns or relationship disappointments.

**** Art is becoming more and more important to me and how I spend my time. Enjoy a few of these outdoor pieces I saw and let me know about ones you see in your neighborhood.  The skatepark in Las Marias is old and often full of people so I was lucky to be there early one morning.  The artists are becoming more recognizable as I see their unique styles around town.  My own dreams of painting are stirred up whenever I see a collection of murals. 

**** So let me end this with October and Halloween being the season of transition from hot sweaty summer into the oranges and rains of the end of the year festivities. The clock is ticking – be sure you get everything under control for the end of 2023 and be ready to blast in 2024 with your best future!