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The Need for Better Communication Skills

We can develop better communication skills to improve ourselves and the world!

In college I learned there are two parts of communication, verbal and non-verbal, but that’s not exactly right.  They also said two sides of speaking and listening, but that’s not exactly right either!

Now that social media has changed the dynamic of how we communicate, it is critical to understand the many layers that are interwoven. 

If we want better relationships between people, I believe it is important to highlight the ways communications can run afoul.  Messages are not always understood and the need to correct and adjust seems urgent to me.

Fake news and lies have also  seeped into our relationships and business dealings which is leading us down a frightening trail.  We need to check the guide and confirm our true and honest positions.

When I watch the news, I realized I’m not the only person being misunderstood.  It seems like we keep going around in a circle these days. 

The only way to resolve a conflict is to discuss it. And, so what goes into having a discussion – I propose these 4 things are variables that should be considered when learning on how to communicate better.

  1. The Listener’s Point of View or Perspective
  2. The Speaker’s Body Language
  3. The Speaker’s Words
  4. The Speaker’s Action and Deeds Afterward

This is an updated video as I’m trying to get my ideas together and work with my new video software tool. Please give me your feedback so we can resolve a few problems in the world!

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