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Notes for The Best Life – Biography Day

Biography Day is central to a personal transformation.

I started the Notes for the Best Life as the behind the scenes, educational piece of JWP.  Because Tony Robbins has been such a great influence on my life and inspiration for JWP, he was the first biography figure to profile.  Not only do I admire the information Tony teaches and his style, but his commitment to changing the world is phenomenal.  He is the ultimate expert in transformation demonstrating how to create your best future, just like he did.

So in my classroom, when you look at a biographical figure and learn about their struggles and how they overcame them to become worthy of merit, you can apply their experiences to your life.  If they did it, you can too!

Writing was the focus of my classroom expertise and I know how to weave personal questions into journal prompts along with higher thinking challenges.  When I ask students to express their opinions, they feel validated and their actualization begins.

Follow along with me on the journey in San Juan to launch my Mejora Tu Vida Club and transform everyone who is struggling.  Everything I learned and developed in the Smart Start Challenge is being updated for a post-Covid world.  Consider how you are going to be remembered as a biographical figure – are you reaching your potential for greatness?!

Writing Resources To Help You Get Started

Every good teacher shares resources to help students and this one is a favorite!

Book Baby How To Publish A Book

The JWP Writers Society is a way to learn and develop projects together.  Author, Cora Kent has a text in the works and is a founding member helping us develop our writing program.  Sharing resources and giving credit is what good authors (and teachers) do!