An Exceptional Teacher Has a Big Heart

The thing that makes Ms. Peck unique is her eternal optimism and ability to see potential in students when they can’t see it themselves.  She specializes in helping students find their hidden magic and opens up new opportunities for a better life.
When Ms. Peck began she had to take courses and learn how to “teach” at the same time she was teaching at a high-need middle school. The Transition to Teaching program was designed for college graduates to enter into the teaching profession from other discipline areas. With a Business degree from Auburn University and 20+ years of experience, Ms. Peck walked into a classroom and challenged herself to improve every student’s future she could.

Looking at problems with a critical eye and exploring solutions is an expertise Ms. Peck offers to struggling families and teens.

ms peck & student
ms peck & student

For the Parents:

How a Life-Changing Academic Intervention Works...

Life coaching helps people recognize their own abilities and encourages them to reach new goals. 

Ms. Peck works with teens and challenges them to reach for their best because they can live it!

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Recent Posts By Ask Ms. Peck

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