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Learn and Earn from Pay-Day News

Financial and Economic Literacy is Required

Today’s episode of Pay-Day News on the Youtube Channel is about the importance of having a grip on your finances!!

The foundation of living the life you desire is the ability to have everything paid for without a worry. Instead of you having to work making money, your money should be making money for you!

**** Create Your Best Future Retreats are launching… In my own life, I designed it to be flexible and not require my attention 24/7 much less 52 weeks a year. My mixture is unique and I discovered it when I wrote the CYBF program over 2 years ago. I decided to move to Puerto Rico to have my authentic life and every day is FANTASTIC!!

**** The Key Financial and Economic Indicators are looking great!! After the Unlocking Capital event last night, I am even more confident I made the right decision about moving to San Juan. I have decided to spend time teaching and coaching people to reach every dream they have. The top insights from the group of entrepreneurs were:

*Financial knowledge and goals

*Resilience to handle problems

*Trust, honesty, quality, delivery

*Sustainable, ongoing market need

Which of those for four insights do you think is the key to success? Let’s discuss!