Be A Champion . . . Or Else!

joy westJoy West was born on the internet many, many years ago when the internet was just brand new.

The first website was called Global Living dot org and over the years has transformed into probably 20 other websites.  They always seek to empower people and improve their lives.  Optimism and a vision of success are required.

This one, the Joy West Press is the ultimate technological platform for a historical and cultural, motivational, almost legendary but imaginary spirit.  Over 500 years ago Johannas Gutenberg invented the printed press and transformed the world with knowledge and printed language.  We have the internet which is already changing so many lives and the new dot press domain extension could be equally revolutionary!

The Best Life Series on Youtube

Joy West is living her ultimate transformation by moving to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Being able to work on the business and live an authentic lifestyle is a wonderful formula for happiness. 

The videos will showcase the journey of renovating a house and hopefully neighborhood in the years to come. Book your Create Your Best Future Retreats held only in historic and spectacular San Juan, Puerto Rico.  

Recent Posts By Joy West

Recent Posts By Joy West

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