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Be the “Little Engine That Could”, he could climb the highest mountains. 

Traveling has always been a big thing for me, I really don’t know how that happened.  I do remember that back in 1955, I sat in a study hall at Miami Sr. High School and read the back page of a Life Magazine, the last page was famous for their final, one-page articles that were short and to the point. 

I saw a photo of a man who had been all over the world, to over 100 countries, and I remember it as though it was yesterday. 

He was also able to do so many things, like being able to fly an airplane, he was a gourmet cook, a deep-sea diver, he sailed in a balloon, and he picked corn.  He could type, build a house, drive a 14-wheel semi-truck, climb mountains, and on and on.  The last thing I remember about this article, and the most impressive thing was that he was rich, a very rich millionaire. 

I can almost see that page in my mind now, 65 years later.  What that man knew, having discovered over his lifetime, I have learned as well, and I want to share our discoveries with you.  Cora

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If you dream of travel to foreign lands,

there is no reason to stay home any longer!

Cora’s knowledge of the world is vast, and I can tell she loves her life. I know her rules will work in my life – I’m using them every day.  Really excited to see the program in print in 2023!

Connie M – Dental Hygenist and Student

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Recent Posts By Cora