The Only Teenage Competition With a Rewarding Future

“When you know what the rules are and what you need to do to win, then it just takes practice to make it a reality.”  Ms. Peck has written the ultimate test for greatness in life and is confident you will be a winner in one quick month.  Get all the insider tips and bonus points for top scoring in the game of life.

Are you tired of struggling with school work or trying so hard to study without getting good test scores?

Do you find it difficult to complete simple tasks because you can’t concentrate?

  • Ms. Peck can help you turn things around,

  • Find your confidence

  • Become the best version of you

As a middle and high school teacher, Ms. Peck is passionate about helping teenagers find direction, cultivate good habits, think critically and solve problems.

You can purchase your very own printed copy of the Smart Start Challenge Handbook – 31 Days of Brain Training and have it delivered to your door.  If you want to work through the event independently, you can.  If you want coaching, Ms. Peck is available for private daily sessions or weekly group meetings.

Reading and writing in the book will help your brain work better in this unique exercise program.  Using your hand to write with a pen or pencil uses different muscles from typing and flipping pages while you read adds extra performance to your thinking.

SSC back cover

Table Of Contents


Make The Commitment
What Is YOUR Challenge?
Rules Of Life According To Ms. Peck
Challenge Overview
Daily Scorecard
Track The Stats
Here’s the Opening Bell – OK GO!
Day 1 – Finding Direction
Day 2 – Get A Growth Mindset
Day 3 – My Internal Bank
Day 4 – Strengthen My Willpower
Day 5 – All-Star School Plan
Day 6 – All-Star Student Setup
Day 7 – Catalyst For Change
Day 8 – Having A Global Vision

Day 9 – Attitude Is Everything

Day 10 – Opinions Are Not Facts
Day 11 – Ask Questions To Make Solutions
Day 12 – Must Have Study Skills
Day 13 – My Words Matter
Day 14 – Dump That Toxic Mess
Day 15 – Developing My Point Of View
Day 16 – Making A Statement
Day 17 – Seeking Common Ground
Day 18 – Training My Brain
Day 19 – My Family Ties
Day 20 – Friendship Is Like A Mirror
Day 21 – With Age Comes Wisdom
Day 22 – Setting SMART Goals

Day 23 – Bring My Vision To Life

Day 24 – Social Media Magic
Day 25 – How To Negotiate Deals
Day 26 – Put My Ideas Together
Day 27 – Draft Day Kickoff
Day 28 – Anger, Anger, Go Away
Day 29 – It’s Showtime!
Day 30 – Honesty Pays Off
Day 31 – Let’s Celebrate Me!
Salute To The Champion
Power Words To Use
Timeline of Knowledge and Communication
Equipment Room
Glory To The Legends

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Recent Posts By Smart Start Challenge

For Teachers and Education Advocates

The Smart Start Challenge was created for high schools to host for every struggling student.   We have a Co-Teacher Guide and packages available including Ms. Peck to travel and host the event onsite.

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