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Notes for The Best Life: Anyone Can Be a Legend

Notes for The Best Life

Anyone can be a legend.  When you look behind the curtain in the entertainment business, you always find someone who is following their passion or talent. From singers to musicians or dancers, every musical artist loves their craft and is dedicated to making their artwork.

Experts have estimated it takes 10,000 hours or practice to reach that mastery level – impossible unless you love it.

How do you have a legendary life?

I think it begins with following your talent and developing it into something that can pay the bills because eventually, it can transform you into a legend. I think it is a shame so many people get stuck in life making money instead of making their passion the focus of how they are making money.  I know schools push students into paying careers rather than seeking their hidden potential in areas that are not “profit” oriented.

In my classroom I wanted students to tell me their interests before I started making assignments without their input. Everything is easier when you are motivated naturally.  When you develop your natural talents, your life becomes enriched and optimized to incredible levels.

 A Legendary status is also earned by helping other people accomplish what you can do.  The gift of sharing your expertise allows your excellence to spread, so let’s connect!

I wrote the program to Create Your Best Future when I was teaching high school, and then I had to follow it and change my life.  My life could no longer stay on auto-pilot, I was drawn to reaching my dreams and nothing could stop me..

I know the power of a disruption and a refocus to authentic living.  I want to share and coach others on the incredible journey.  

The retreats are intensive and hands-on for you to dream and plan your ultimate life. Authentic living is fantastic because every day reveals more opportunities along a wonderful journey of life. Anyone can transform with some Joy West magic!

Create Your Best Future