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camera, photography, photographer-2569300.jpgWelcome, Welcome Welcome – these are the stories behind the places I travel on my great adventure called life.  I like to walk and document the places I visit and people I meet.

While in Puerto Rico I started to explore the old cemeteries scattered around.

Visiting a cemetery can be a great way to learn about local history and gain insight into the lives of people who lived before us. It can help us understand our own lives better, as well as know more about older generations.

I am also walking around Puerto Rico. My quest is a personal transformation for a guy who never left his hometown before last month.  My Youtube channel with a growing number of episodes is available here and I hope you will subscribe and follow along.

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Every Day Is An Exploration

I want to document and preserve the crumbling legacy I discovered here on the island.  Walking my way around the island is giving me a well grounded perspective as the miles go along.  Sleeping under the stars and eating next to a lighthouse changes a person.

By understanding our past, we can gain insight into our present and future. We can learn from the successes and mistakes of older generations, so we don’t make the same ones ourselves.  At least that is what I think I am about to discover!

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