Parents Ask Ms. Peck A Question


Ask Ms. Peck A Question – send a paragraph or two explaining the issue and the problem(s) you face. We will schedule a 30 minute consultation within the next 2-3 days to discuss options that can improve the current situation.  The calendar is open for scheduling, don’t wait!


Get An Answer

Ms. Peck is dedicated to helping parents and students find their way to success. Beginning from the parent’s perspective, simply send in the details about the situation and schedule a time for your 30 minute consultation.  Ms. Peck will brainstorm ideas with you (online) and bring resources you can use as recommended.

This is your opportunity to get personalized answers and recommendations from a trusted source.

You can tap into Ms. Peck’s experience as a highly-qualified teacher and parent. Tell her about your family situation and how your students are struggling, she has got info to help you.

Additional coaching is optional.  Start today and get personalized answers!


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