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Relationships in Business Notes for The Best Life

You have a relationship with every person you know, from the mailman to your boss, how you communicate is critical.

I’ve been networking and making new friends which means I have to listen, often more than I speak! Are you hearing what people are saying?

It feels like we keep getting disconnected in many of our relationships.  I want to give people the benefit of the doubt and respect their situations which means listening to what they actually say. Here’s a few thoughts on the topic and then some creative promotions in development.  While JWP does not offer business development coaching, we love to brainstorm and generate ideas for solutions to problems.

Our world is made up of amazing people doing incredible things. Let’s remember that fact and give a little encouragement and love to people. Entrepreneurs have fierce spirits to face the competitive markets, I offer my creativity to those who need it. Our words have a significant impact on our future – be honest and uplifting because it will return to you ten-fold!!


So, let’s embrace the power of genuine communication, encourage one another, and together, let’s make the world a brighter, more connected place.   We’re here to enjoy life which includes being with friends and family – let’s share our strength and love on the island and around the world!