Exploring the Sacred Grounds of Puerto Rico

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Exploring the Sacred Grounds of Puerto Rico

The Enchanted Isle has Incredible Cemeteries

My transformational journey began when I landed in Puerto Rico.  I had never left my local community, imagine a grown man who never left a 100 mile radius – the story behind my departure is a long one which I will tell you another time.  Thanks to a friend who invited me along his vacation to San Juan, my life took a giant turn in a new direction.  The idea was to get on an airplane and fly across the country to the tropical island and ultimately, walk around it.  You see, I love to walk and this personal challenge is going to transform me.

I decided to start video recording the adventures while I followed my natural curiosity, the first days in San Juan were incredible.  Leaving the snow behind was fabulous but the language, music everywhere and food were all something new.  The history within the Forts of El Morro and El Castille with the waterfront cemetery between them captured my spirit.  Standing on ground that has 500 years of mankind’s humanity did something to me.  I have heard it has that effect on many people.

Visiting a cemetery is more than just a somber experience. It can be an opportunity to learn about our local history and the lives of those who have gone before us. By understanding the stories of older generations, we can gain insight into ourselves and our own culture. We can learn from the past to better understand our present and plan for our future.

Cemeteries provide us with a wealth of information about how people lived in the past – from their beliefs, values, customs, and even their everyday lives. They also offer a unique way to connect with those who have passed away, providing us with an opportunity to reflect on life’s fragility and great value.

Follow along with my videos on my Youtube channel and blogs as I continue to walk around the island.  No Name Explorations is the channel and working title for my book.  Joy is going to be joining me on the road later this month, so there are plenty of stories ahead. I am heading to the West with my camera, backpack and walking shoes.  Looking forward to another beautiful day in paradise!

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  1. Cora

    Love your spirit of adventure, you have so much to share. Keep walking and sharing your stories with us. The only time I have even gone to a cemetery was to visit a marker of a friend or family member. You are giving it a whole new twist.

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