Smart Start Challenge Co-Teacher Guide Kindle


Are you looking for a way to help struggling teenagers?
Do you work with high school students who have a negative attitude, growing frustration, or discipline problems?



Are you looking for a way to help struggling teenagers?
Do you work with high school students who have a negative attitude, growing frustration, or discipline problems?

Ms. Peck makes it easy for you to help students find their hidden strengths and begin heading toward their incredible futures. Thank you in advance, for joining this unique learning experience that will be a refreshing spin to your typical activities.

Ms. Peck brings out the very best in your students by appealing to their natural curiosity and interests through the use of personal growth lessons and service learning. Presented as a competition, the SMART START CHALLENGE tests students on their beliefs and guides them toward their dreams.

Empower Struggling Teens With Unique MTSS – Tier 2+3 Program

In Ms. Peck’s virtual classroom, it is possible to transform from under-achieving to focused and motivated in just one month. This Smart Start Challenge Co-Teacher Guide provides the academic curriculum and instructional strategies needed to host the event with your students.

Together, we can ELIMINATE the Achievement Gap!

In the 31 day virtual event, students explore their interests and improve their growth mindset with mini-lessons about life. The unique program helps students learn the importance of critical thinking and practice the skills necessary for a rewarding future.

Written by a high school English teacher, the program is a mix of identity and values clarification combined with service learning, communications and problem solving skills practice. The activities include working on an important social issue to help students find their voice and vision in their future. As a “Catalyst for Change”, teens are empowered to get past any barriers and start building their dream life.

This research and standards based program is a turn-key solution to stop the dropout rate.

This book and program is for every teacher that works with low achieving students who need an innovative academic intervention.

The transition from middle school to high school is a significant one. The statistics are not favorable for those entering 9th grade already behind on credits and grade point. Every 14-16 year old who is stressed and unhappy needs to join the event and transform with Ms. Peck into their best self.

Do your students need some extra help with English/Language Arts, Critical Thinking or Social Studies? The daily exercises practice important academic skills many students are lacking. Ms. Peck developed this high-quality, standards based program for you to use engaging and motivating teens to new success.

Hosting a local SMART START CHALLENGE will strengthen a student’s growth mindset and improve peer group dynamics. Getting the instructions is the first step for setting up the local event. Every step is outlined and described to make planning a breeze.

The timeline is flexible to fit your schedule and budget is minimal, only a winning atmosphere is required. During the 31 days, students work independently making your time commitment only an hour a week for the live coaching sessions. The student edition is available for additional purchase as the Event Handbook.

The Co-Teacher Guide includes:

✔️ Ms. Peck’s philosophy and principles

✔️ Local event production schedule of logistics

✔️ Curriculum Map for 31 days of activities

✔️ Unpacking of the embedded ELA/SS standards

✔️ Rubrics for scoring and accountability and more

With this Co-Teacher Guide, you also get access to Ms. Peck and online support for the videos and student alumni community. Be sure to visit the website, to register your event and to connect with our social media platforms.

You can help your students achieve personal success when you purchase this Co-Teacher Guide and agree to Host a local event. Get ready for something incredible to happen because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


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