Go and Grow Rich Newest Book in Development!

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Everyone wishes they could travel the world and experience the joys of other cultures, but it comes with lots of fears, challenges, and expense.  You won’t want to miss Cora Kent’s podcast and now book about traveling smartly and growing rich, very rich

You’ll hear directly from Cora about exactly how she plans and carries through with her travel adventures, and how she has generated sources of income that have become the great wealth most people today only dream of.  

This unique financial growth program is a “where-to-go” and “how-to-do-it” manual for people who want to see the world and to amass a fortune as they go along. 

You’ll find the guideposts for self-direction, organized planning, and how to use the strengths of others, as well as your own innate powers. 

By reading “Go and Grow Rich” you’ll learn not only about what to do to broaden your travel horizons, but exactly how to obtain financial freedom.  You’ll learn basic, specific rules to follow about how exactly to live a happier, more prosperous life.  

When you learn and apply these simple rules, you will have mastered the secrets of true and everlasting riches.

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